Practical examples


Everybody knows these weird little squares, but surprisingly few people seem te knowwhat to do with them. I use them quite regularly in my classroom and find them pretty useful. 


QR-codes can be created by using free QR-code generators, like this one: Whenever you want students to visit a certain URL with their phones and get there quickly, you can put the QR-code on their  page, print it and put it on your blakboard or just project it. On your phone, it just takes a free QR-code reader that you can download in your local app store. You scan the code in the app and it automatically takes you to the right website.


Whenever I want students to fill out a short assessment or evaluation, for example in Google Forms, I create a qr-code so that they don’t have to type the entire URL. The first time you do this, it takes a little while, because students still have to figure out how to do this or download the right app. But after a while this really is the easiest and fastest way to use websites on smart phones in your class. And students definitely prefer downloading an app to typing an entire URL…


I can’t really see any reason why not to use these codes, and there are a lot of options and possibilities. For example you can create one code and every lesson make it refer to another site, or a code that goes to a different site whenever it’s rotated. You can use them to divide students into groups, or to have parents fill out a questionnaire while waiting at a parent-teacher conference. 

The only downside being, like I said, that some people don’t know how they work and that some students don’t have any space left on their phones to download even the tiniest app…


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